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The collabration single with C4C
Released via The Jazz Hop Café

The collabration EP with YODAKA
Released via Interspersed Records

The first Ambient EP as Refeeld
Released via Interspersed Records

Interview with Interspersed Records

Interspersed Records Blogにて掲載されています。

About Refeeld
Name: Kouki Yoshioka
Date of birth: April 21th, 2002
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Born to parents who were college music majors, he grew up exposed to piano, guitar, and drums from an early age.
And he attended music classes until he entered elementary school.

He started to produce music on PC in 2015, his main focus was EDM in 2016 to 2019, but he now produces and releases mainly Lofi, Chill, and Electronic music under the name "Refeeld".

He is also known under the name "Groudy", which is an EDM focused side project.

Currently handles A&R for the Lofi, Chill, and Electronic label "Interspersed Records"


現在は「Refeeld」の名義でLofi, Chill, Electronicを中心に制作・リリースしている。


現在、Lofi, Chill, Electronicを中心としたレーベル "Interspersed Records" のA&Rを担当している。